I leave CDs in microwave: Liam Gallagher

London: Rocker-turned-film producer Liam Gallagher admits he doesn`t take good care of his CDs and sometimes leaves them in the microwave.

The 39-year-old insists his compact disc collection is not as important to him as old vinyl records.

"I`ve got thousands in my house. I hate CDs, I`ve got a load of CDs, but to me they`re just clutter. I don`t take care of them. They`re everywhere. They`re in the pillow, in the microwave," femalefirst.co.uk quoted Gallagher as saying.

"With a record, you`re a bit more precious about it. You put it on, you enjoy it, then you take it off, you give it a clean and you put it away where it`s meant to be," he added.


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