I looked ugly in my twenties: Ryan Reynolds

London: He may be the heartthrob in Hollywood today but `The Proposal` star Ryan Reynolds says he looked terrible in his twenties.

The 35-year-old says he has become more comfortable with his appearance over the years, reported Showbizspy.

"I recently saw a picture from when I was just a pup ? maybe 20 or 21 years old. And I look pretty bad. I`ve got some weird facial hair, and my hair is glopped with about six pounds of gel. So I really don`t shy away from aging at all. I love getting older," he said.

The actor said he got a tattoo of a cannon in Vancouver 14 years ago, during a fleeting moment of stupidity.

"A lot of people have really beautiful tattoos, and I get real tattoo envy. But then other people basically just treat them like bumper stickers for their bodies," he said.