I`m a complete geek: Sajid Khan

Mumbai: Filmmaker Sajid Khan says his passion for films has remained the same over the years, and he is quite a geek when it comes to other sources of entertainment.

"I`ve become fatter, older. I don`t used to drink then, I don`t drink now. I was quiet about my personal life then and I will always be quiet about my personal life.

"I don`t go late nights, I don`t go partying, clubbing. I only watch movies the moment I wake up. The last thing that I do before going off to sleep is watch films. I am a complete geek. I just love movies," Sajid told reporters.

For now, he is looking forward to the release of his comedy film `Housefull 2`, which features 12 actors in prominent roles. The movie releases April 5.