I`m like every other woman: Nicole Scherzinger

Los Angeles: Singer Nicole Scherzinger believes she ain`t special. She says she is like any other woman, and so, she had her own share of dark moments following her split from Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton.

The duo parted ways recently after their hectic work schedules put a strain on their five-year-long relationship.

Scherzinger, 35, believes her breakup encouraged her rediscover herself.

"I`m just like every other woman, I`ve had a blanket of tissues over me many a night. Ordered a random, ginormous pizza for myself," femalefirst.co.uk quoted Scherzinger as saying.

"In any relationship, it`s easy to lose yourself and it`s important to come back to who you are. And you can live your life in freedom and happiness when you`re happy with who you are.

"I definitely have my dark moments, but I want to be a light. That`s what I strive to be. And really, it`s a choice. And sometimes, when you`re sad, you bring the pizza and you make that choice," Scherzinger added.

The "Don`t hold your breath" singer believes the sudden breakup forced her to find her inner character again and concentrate on her work.

"It`s these times that build a character. I`ve tried hard to keep it together, for my work," she said.