I`m not a big fan of dating, says Jennifer Aniston

Washington: Actress Jennifer Aniston has revealed that she is not much interested in dating.

The sexy lady said that she is also her own best friend.

"No, I`m not a big fan of dating," the Pop Eater quoted the actress as saying in the May issue of U.K. magazine Red.

The `Just Go With It` star, said that with her full film slate, she`s "elated" to find herself "in an exciting period."

Aniston is adamant that being both single and famous gets "ridiculous."

But she said it`s a "no-brainer" that she``d choose "the love of my life" over an amazing career, if forced to choose between the two.

"You have to have a balance in life. You also have to have your own personal love: what inspires you, what excites you when you wake up in the morning," she said.

She also explained the comfort she finds in her treasured circle of confidantes.

"Where would you be without friends? Where would you be without people to pick you up when you need lifting? As we know, myself and a lot of my friends, we`ve come from homes that were far from perfect, so you end up almost parent and sibling to your friends, and vice versa. Your own chosen family. There``s nothing like a really loyal, dependable, good friend. Nothing," she said.

When asked who is her best friend, Aniston answered diplomatic: "So many...I couldn`t do that! I`ll say `me.`"


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