I`m not versatile, it`s my limitation: Karan Johar

Updated: Oct 29, 2012, 20:06 PM IST

New Delhi: Karan Johar is known for his lavish emotional dramas, but when it came to remaking his father`s action film ‘Agneepath’, he gave full rein to director Karan Malhotra. Versatility, he admits, is not his forte, and he can only do human emotional dramas.

"I am not a versatile filmmaker, I can do only one kind of film. I think, I can do human emotional dramas, but I don`t think I can pull off action films, thrillers or do something which is completely edgy," Johar told an Oye 104.8 FM radio host.

"Like I can`t make films like `Gangs of Wasseypur`, `Udaan`, `Taare Zameen Par`, they are all good films. That`s my biggest limitation," he added.

However, the 40-year-old loves his work, and feels his love for movies helps him avoid a feeling of loneliness due to his bachelor status.

"My mother is the most happy that I am not married, as she does not need to share her jewellery with anyone," quipped the filmmaker when asked "Don`t you want to get married?"

But on a serious note, he added: "I just want to make films... My office has become my family. People who work in my office have become my world. I really don`t feel the need for anyone."

He also admits that he is not as expressive as people think he is.

"The truth is that I hold back! I don`t express my feelings to anyone! When I am hurt, I keep it to myself. Then after two to three years, it comes out in some other situation," he said.