I`m promoting my movie, not pirating it: Kutcher

London: Actor Ashton Kutcher, who captured the first 13 minutes of his just released movie "Killer" at its premiere and released it online, is defending his decision saying he`s just trying to promote the film.

"The film is good enough to sell itself. I just wanted to show people that... I think if we show the first 13 minutes of the movie and if people like it they`ll go and see it," a news website quoted Kutcher as saying.

The 32-year-old star announced on the microblogging site Twitter that he would use the latest web cam technology to shoot the footage at the Los Angeles premiere.

The tech-savvy star was accused by film experts and critics for capturing the opening of the comedy from the Los Angeles premiere Tuesday and broadcasting it to select fan sites. Some critics have even called on officials at the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) to reprimand Kutcher.

However, he`s adamant he has not broken any law and that it is just a way of making money.

"Everybody calls people airing stuff on the web piracy just because they`re not making money off of it yet. If they (executives) can figure out how to make money off of it, they won`t call it piracy anymore," Kutcher added.



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