I made Cheryl Cole: Simon Cowell

London: Music mogul Simon Cowell claims that he "propelled" singer Cheryl Cole into a different league when he appointed her as a judge on `The X Factor`.

Cowell, who had a fallout with Cole after he fired her from the US version of `The X Factor` last year, said he would love to work with her again, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

"Even though we went through that pretty horrible period, I could look Cheryl in the eye and say what I did for her in those two years propelled her into a different league. I always said to her the door is permanently open. It`s entirely up to her what she wants to do," he told GQ magazine.

Cowell admits the sacking of Cole "ended badly" and wishes it had not happened.

"If I could reverse time it wouldn`t have happened. It was an in-the-moment decision where you put your producer`s hat on. I just thought she was more comfortable on the British show. She was hurt. It all ended pretty badly, to be honest," he said.


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