I needed a career break: Ewan McGregor

London: Actor Ewan McGregor says he was sick of work and needed a break after working non-stop for four years.

The 40-year-old `Trainspotting` star said it was only when he and wife Eva Mavrakis adopted a baby girl last year that he decided to cut back on work .

"I finished a film in September and I just felt I`d worked a lot for years. I felt like I just hadn`t stopped. Which I hadn`t. And I just thought one day that I didn`t have to work if I didn`t want to. It was like the sky suddenly opening up. I called my wife and suggested that I didn`t work for the rest of the year and it`s been lovely. It was great to be at home. We`ve got a new baby, and those are beautiful months that you won`t get back if you`re
not there," he said.

The Scottish actor, who married Eve Mavrakis 16 years ago, said he appreciates "the lovely feeling of being with someone for a really long time."

"I get asked a lot what the secret to a happy marriage is but there`s no secret other than to be in love with the woman you`re sharing your life with."


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