I once considered suicide, says Susan Boyle

London: Singing sensation Susan Boyle considered suicide as a teenager after becoming the victim of a bullying campaign.

The 49-year-old, who was born with minor brain damage and has learning difficulties, says she was tormented by a gang of girls who emotionally abused her.

The experience left Boyle so distraught that she thought about ending her life, reported News Of The World online.

"When I was 17 I did think about doing something nasty. It was all psychological. I was damaged. I had to get help from a professional. I also had to see a doctor who gave me treatment," said Boyle, who amassed a fortune of USD 10 million with her debut album.

"In my case it was a small group of teenage girls that put me to that place. They`re the worst kind. It can really hold you back and damage you. Mental bullying is the worst kind of bullying," said the YouTube sensation.

The Scottish singer also downplays her meltdown after losing out to dance group Diversity in the 2009 Britain`s Got Talent final.

"There`s more to Susan Boyle than someone who`s emotionally unstable. That`s the impression a lot of people have of me after that. But most of the obstacles have been overcome," said the singer.