I owe everything to `Harry Potter`, says Daniel Radcliffe

London: Actor Daniel Radcliffe says he owes everything to `Harry Potter`, but adds that after working in a franchise for a long time one is eager to try many different things.

Radcliffe made his acting debut as the wizard boy in the film adaptations of JK Rowling. The 24-year-old star admits that though he has been part of many movies after, he has not forgotten his roots, reports contactmusic.com.

"I owe everything to Potter but playing a character for so long gives you pent up energy and desire to try as many things as possible. The films I made last year and `A Young Doctor` have been huge leaps forward for me," Radcliffe told Daily Telegraph newspaper`s Telegraph Magazine.

"I think I am getting better at knowing what I am good at and not good for," he added.

The actor insists his goal is to better his acting career.

"Primarily, I am trying to test and challenge myself and to get better because that is what excited me the most. But if I can get just one more person to read Mikhail Bulgakov, or come to see `The Cripple of the Inishmaan` that is incredibly cool," Radcliffe said.