I really get along well with Katrina and Deepika, says Priyanka

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Just ask Priyanka Chopra what makes her tick in Bollywood, and pat comes the reply, it’s her passion. Passion is an incessant force which drives the sizzling beauty. Be it relationship or films, Priyanka is passionate in whatever she does.

Recently, an entertainment channel anointed her as the ‘most passionate’ actress in Bollywood.

Asked about six things she is passionate about, Priyanka said, “Family, movies, singing, love, gadgets and dancing.” She further added, “I take a lot of pride in the fact that I`m self-made. I have no Godfather in the industry. I`ve never been to any acting school, and all I had been the desire to work and `His` support - and here I am.”

The intense passion she exudes on-screen is not too far from her real-life relationships, which is peppered with a lot of love. Of course, link-ups are something she`s not willing to talk about yet.

She adds, "It`s quite annoying at times. But if it`s true, it`s fine, though I would still deny it. I am a brat. Ha, ha! However, on a serious note, I don`t think I need to discuss my personal life in public unless I have something substantial to talk about."

Talking about the other beauties in her league, like Katrina and Deepika, she said, "Katrina and Deepika are two actors that I really get along well with. Yes, I`m very competitive, but it`s all healthy. In fact, I compete with myself."

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