I respect Salman but don`t desire him: Asin

Mumbai: Southern beauty Asin Thottumkal, who has worked with Salman Khan in `London Dreams` and `Ready`, says she admires and respects the actor but has never desired him.

"I never saw him in that light. For me he was somebody who I looked up to in a very respectful way, somebody that I admired. He is very attractive but that`s not the way I saw or looked up to him as...so that never really crossed my mind...of desiring him," said Asin, who will grace Simi Garewal`s show "India`s Most Desirable" this Sunday.

"I really never thought of resisting him," she added.

The 25-year-old admitted she feels lucky to have worked with bigwigs of Bollywood like Aamir Khan in "Ghajini" and Salman.

Asin recalled that the "Dabangg" actor made her eat a bug during the making of "Ready".

"Salman actually challenged me to eat a bug that he along with the crew had collected from a nearby jungle in Bangkok. They eat these creatures there. So he held it in his hand and asked me to eat it," she said.

"And I am not the one to shy away from challenges. I ate it rather swallow it. Salman thought that I would yell, scream, throw a fit or get freaked out but I didn`t. Instead, I ate it. So he didn`t really get the reaction he expected," the actress added.