I snorted cocaine while on `Coronation...`: Denise Welch

London: English actress and TV presenter Denise Welch has admitted that she snorted cocaine on the sets of the ITV soap opera Coronation Street.

Welch revealed that she battled with the deadly drug habit during her time Coronation Street days.

She admitted that she snorted cocaine between takes and drove under drug`s influence.

The confession is mentioned in the 51-year-old actress`` autobiography `Pulling Myself Together`, reports The Daily Express.

Welch has blamed chronic depression for her drug habit.

"I`d reached a point where I felt taking cocaine was the only way I could survive. I was suffering crippling depression and I``d made myself believe coke was the only thing that could make me cope. In fact, I was locked in a vicious circle because the more I took, the worse the comedowns would be. I was sinking deeper and deeper," Welch wrote in her autobiography.

The ``Loose Women`` panellist said that her situation got so messed up that she used to leave her shooting set in Manchester to go and buy stuff.

"The risks I took were incredible. I was a total wreck," said Welch.