I still love Liam, says Noel Gallagher

London: Noel Gallagher wishes to patch-up with his estranged younger brother Liam and has confessed that he still loves him”.

The brothers had spectacularly fallen out in 2009 when their rock band Oasis split.

Since their fight, Noel has called Liam “rude, arrogant, intimidating and lazy”, claiming that he even tried to whack him around the face with a guitar.

The 39-year-old had hit back saying that his elder brother was “a little bitch” and should be in Westlife with his “sh*t” dress sense.

However, Noel now wants to offer an olive branch saying that despite everything that has transpired between them, he still has a soft spot for Liam.

“I haven’t spoken to him. Of course I still love him, but not in the way that I love my wife Sara and the kids,” the Daily Star quoted him as saying.

“When I see a picture of him in a magazine, I don’t go: ‘Awww.’ I wouldn’t ever wish ¬anything bad on him.”

“He needs to apologise. Profusely, and even then, he can go and f*** himself.

“He said too many things. I won’t go into specifics. But don’t bring anyone else into it. Bad darts,” he added.


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