I try and stay away from the media: Jennifer Lopez

Los Angeles: Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez says she often feels like she is being "picked on" and tries to stay away from the media.

The 42-year-old, who is currently dating 24-year-old dancer Casper Smart, admits it`s hard to cope with all the constant speculation about her life, reported a website.

"It`s hard sometimes, I`m not going to lie. I try to stay away from the media as much as I can. Sometimes. I try not to take it too personally, because I don`t think they do it just to me.

“But as a human being it feels like that. You feel like you`re the only one being picked on. But the truth is, they pick on everybody. They really don`t discriminate. I try to concentrate on all the great things I have going on in my life," Lopez said.

While she finds being in the spotlight hard, Lopez, who has twins, Max and Emme with ex-husband Marc Anthony, says she wouldn`t stop her children from pursuing career in the singing industry if they want to.

"Here`s what I know about doing what I do and obviously their dad is the same way. If they`re going to do it, there`s nothing I can do to stop them and I`ll support them. But just like my mom, I`m going to make them go to school and I`m going to let them make that decision when they`re old enough," Lopez added.