I`ve never been this revealing: Katy Perry on her concert film

London: Pop star Katy Perry says she has revealed more about herself than she ever did before in her 3D concert film `Part Of Me`.

The 27-year-old releases her film in July and has promised the project - which combines concert footage with her everyday life, including intimate details of her split from husband Russell Brand - will show her fans who she really is.

"A lot of people have a lot of ideas about me, but this is a film that I made for myself, for my fans... So that they can get the all-access pass. And I`ve never been this revealing," Perry said.

The `I Kissed a Girl` singer thinks the movie will make people realise that her life isn`t perfect and she has had to work very hard to achieve success, reported a website.

"I feel like it`s important for me to start breaking down the stereotype - that everyone that`s in this position is perfect, and that if you want to achieve your goals or your dreams that you have to be perfect or you have to be rich.

"I don`t think that`s how you get anywhere. I think it`s really just based on hard work, which you see a lot of it in this film, and talent, and I think people will feel like they are experiencing it through my eyes... Like it`s from exactly my point of view," she added.


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