I want to have children: Queen Latifah

Los Angeles: Oscar-nominated actress and singer Queen Latifah wants to start a family and spend more time thinking about herself.

The R&B star believes she works too hard and is keen to have kids at some point in the near future, Parade online reported.

"On cruise control, with a couple of kids under my belt. It`s in the Lord`s hands. I work a lot. I want to make sure I`m living life to the fullest and checking in with me," said the 40-year-old star on being asked where she sees herself 10 years down the line.

Meanwhile, the Hollywood star has a piece of advise for British royal bride Kate Middleton that she needs to find a sanctuary of her own as so many people are interested about her relationship with Prince William.

"Make sure you have a sanctuary, because everybody in the world is going to be in your business. He happened to be born a prince; you happened to go to college and meet him.

You`re two kids who fell in love. I just hope you have a happy life. And don`t take anything personally," she added.