I want to play a scheming, vicious manipulator: Katrina Kaif

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: She came, she saw and she conquered! Bollywood’s reigning queen Katrina Kaif has come full circle. Change is what the lass believes is constant. After playing the same kind of role again and again, the actress wants to try out something new. Portraying roles which are often etched on the lines of same old characters she has played earlier, Kat says she’s game for a scheming, vicious manipulator’s role on screen.

It is also believed that the actress wants to move over from acting to filmmaking. She recently locked a deal to produce a French film.

Adapting to a whole new level, Katrina reveals that she will soon be turning producer for a French film and would also like to experiment with a lot different roles on the silver screen.

About her new found quest to seek perfection in filmdom, and cobble together as a producer, she said, “Turning producer is another future plan, and I have certain projects in mind. I`d like to buy the remake rights for a couple of Indian and foreign films. In fact, I`ve already locked the deal for a French film. Playing director is not my cup of tea. But yes, I am beginning to understand the technical aspects of the moviemaking process. Let`s just say I`m finally getting a hang of it.”

She further added, “I am now equipped and ready to move on to the next phase in my life and career. I want to create role opportunities for myself beyond what I`m doing. I am not unhappy with the roles I have but I want to play people I can never be in real life. I want to do a double role, play a sergeant in the army, or a scheming, vicious manipulator.”