I wanted to kill myself : Alex Reid

Updated: Mar 28, 2011, 09:49 AM IST

London: Actor Alex Reid says he felt like killing himself when Katie Price, his estranged wife, ended their marriage.

"I was depressed... I`ve had some really dark moments over the last few weeks. At my lowest I thought it would be easier not to be here," Reid told News of the World.

"I feel humiliated. It was horrible because I usually live life to the full. I`m a strong guy. I`m a fighter. But this has drained me and taken all my energy and vibrancy."

Reid said he decided to break his silence over the disintegration of 11-month marriage after what he sees as attacks on him by Katie, reports dailymail.co.uk.

On her new reality TV show on Living, Price was seen making fun of Reid`s dressing sense. Reid also revealed that he was left devastated by the speed with which she moved on to Argentinian model Leandro Penna after their relationship ended.

"After what`s been said this week, and the stuff that`s been on television, it`s time for me to speak out and tell my story. Seeing pictures of her with another man whilst we are still married is awful. Yes, I`m in pain. And in the last few weeks I`ve felt anger, rage, despair...But there`s a big part of me that still loves her," Reid said.

"When I first saw pictures of her and that bloke Leandro I felt like I`d been punched in the stomach. I just thought `Jesus! How could she do that so soon, so publicly?`"

"This woman was, and still is, the big love of my life and leaving her was always going to be hard. I just wish it could have ended differently so that it hurt less. I would die for her and the kids," he added.