I was a cry baby as a kid: Nicole Scherzinger

London: Pop star Nicole Scherzinger was nicknamed "cry baby" in school because she was the most vulnerable and fragile kid.

The 32-year-old singer, who is dating Formula One ace Lewis Hamilton used to be hurt by the slightest thing when she was a child, reported a website.

"My nickname at school was cry baby. I was the most fragile, vulnerable kid and very easily hurt. I`d burst into tears if anyone was mean," Scherzinger said.

"It always amazes me how this kid who was so easily knocked also had this burning desire to perform. I wanted to sing, to act, to get up on a stage and show what I could do,
but when I was off that stage I was hurt by the slightest thing," she added.

The singer who shot to fame as frontwoman of the `Pussycat Dolls`, still considers herself something of an outsider and is a "sad rock chick" at heart.

"The real me is a big-haired eighties rocker with skin-tight jeans and a guitar. I`m such a sad rock chick underneath everything, and if I could really dress as I wanted to I`d be straight out of an eighties heavy metal video," she said.


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