I was raised to have value for money: Jennifer Lawrence

Los Angeles: She won an Oscar at the age of 22 and is starring in a money-spinning franchise but actress Jennifer Lawrence says she likes to stay grounded and has an uneasy relationship with fame.

`The Hunger Games` star, who is counted among the most talented young stars in Hollywood, is equally popular for her outspoken and bubbly nature.

"I just constantly feel so lucky, that I don`t really have time to feel cocky. I was raised to have value for money, to have respect for money, even though you have a lot of it," Lawrence told Fabulous magazine.

"That`s why minibars are difficult, because it`s like yes, I can afford a USD 6 Snickers bar, but there`s just something wrong with that! I still drive my same car I`ve been driving for a long time and I haven`t bought a house yet," she said.

Lawrence has remained unchanged through her meteoric rise to fame but says she feels sad when people perceive her differently.

"There is kind of a sadness that happens when you look into someone`s eyes and you realize that they`re looking at you a certain way, like you are not really you. I don`t ever walk around feeling famous. I walk around feeling the exact same way I have walked around my entire life, but it`s not until I talk to somebody and see in their eyes that I`m different. It makes me feel weird," she said.