I wish Shiney all the strength: Farhan Akhtar

Updated: Mar 31, 2011, 18:27 PM IST

Mumbai: Producer-director Farhan Akhtar wishes that actor Shiney Ahuja has the strength to face the the court verdict sentencing him to seven years in jail for rape.

"He has pleaded against the decision. If he can prove it wrong, he will come out. At the end of the day, we have a legal system in the country," Farhan told reporters at a promotional event of his film "Game" at Novotel Hotel here today.

"If you do something wrong, you have to go through punishment. I wish him all the strength. Hopefully, it would be proved that he is innocent," he added.

Shiney was Wednesday convicted of raping his maid and sentenced to seven years in jail. In his defense, Shiney had argued that he was being framed.

Shiney was arrested June 15, 2009, after medical tests on his maid confirmed sexual assault. He was granted him bail in October 2009.

Over a year after accusing Ahuja of raping her, however, the maid in September 2010 told the court that the rape never took place. She also stated before the judge that she made the serious charge against Shiney because of pressure from a woman who introduced her to the actor.

Relying mostly on the police complaint filed against Shiney, the court did not accept the maid`s version that she was not raped as the judge felt that she gave false evidence, said Shiney`s lawyer Shrikant Shivade after the judgement.

In a 109-page chargesheet, Shiney was accused of rape, criminal intimidation and holding his maid hostage.