I wish to become a big star like Aamir,Salman: SRK

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New Delhi: Shahrukh Khan may not be on good terms with Salman anymore, but when it comes to answering questions about the ‘Bodyguard’ star, he sure has a lot to say.

At a recent press conference, while promoting his upcoming film ‘RA.One’, SRK was at his loquacious best. The actor was as usual asked by the media about his reaction to Salman’s films and ever increasing popularity.

"These are my senior actors. They were working in films (for) about four years before I came. Aamir and Salman. Everybody keeps talking about us, the triumvirate," SRK said tactfully.

"We were as friendly as could be. And at times very close, I believe. Aamir, myself and Salman, we shared some really good moments. We used to go for drives and stuff like that. Sometimes you realise that a lot of proximity, closeness brings about you know... too much familiarity and we step on each other`s toes."

Shah Rukh diplomatically added, “To me, any star who does well, is fantastic. Audiences love the way he (Salman) dances. I can`t do that. It does not mean I can deride it. I have seen Dabangg and I think it is a fantastic film."

"To be reigning for 24 years as a movie star is a great achievement. I wish, when I grow up, I will also become a great star like one of these boys," he said.

"I have a huge amount of appreciation for anyone who has achieved any kind of stardom. When it comes to someone like an Aamir Khan or a Salman Khan or even the younger boys, I think you have to sit back and say, wow, it is very cool and just appreciate it.”

The actor’s ambitious project ‘RA.One’ is all set to release this Diwali and he admits that there is a lot of pressure.

But he is quick to add, "The pressure encourages you to think, that I am gonna try harder and match upto it. You have someone to look upto. I am humble enough and great enough to accept that.”

He also said, "People believe that because the relationships have soured over the years between some of us, one would not appreciate the stardom (of others)."

On being asked if he was keen to join politics, Shah Rukh said, "I want to die an actor." "This profession takes up all my time. When I meet politicians, everybody believes I am joining politics. I say, why don`t you believe they are joining films."

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