I’m a fu***n’ superstar man, says Shah Rukh Khan

Mumbai: This man doesn’t know how to mince words. He means what he says and there’s absolutely no doubt about it.

Shah Rukh Khan is indeed a self made personality who has risen to the stature of the King Khan of Bollywood. In an interview conducted recently, SRK spoke about how he manages his hectic schedule.

As we all know, besides being an actor, SRK also happens to be an entrepreneur. Co-owner of Indian Premier League team Kolkata Knight Riders, Shah Rukh Khan keeps juggling between his busy shooting schedule and his commitment towards his players.

On being quizzed on how he manage his various commitments, SRK said, “What hectic?I fly in my private plane. I’m a fu***n’ superstar man! I live in a presidential suite. I go cheer for my team, wish them luck, I get to chat up with people outside work and I enjoy it.”

Best known for being a family man, SRK makes it a point to give his family quality time. He said, “I usually plan my shoots in a way that I can spend ample time with my family too.”

That’s very much like a pakka superstar!