I’m still paying my dues in Hollywood: Zac Efron

London: American actor Zac Efron has said that he doesn’t deserve to be the star of a huge blockbuster yet because he’s still paying his dues in Hollywood.

The ‘High School Musical’ actor, who stood for the lead role in the ‘Spider-Man’ franchise, wants to land a major role but he admits that has not earned the respect of movie fans yet.

“I have a self-awareness of what is out there: Right now, if I was looking at me from someone else’s eyes - like the eyes of the guys who are going to go watch a superhero movie - I can``t say that I’d be ‘two thumbs up’ for me to star in an action movie right now. Why would I be,” a news daily quoted Zac as telling a website.

“I haven’t done anything to pay those dues yet, I haven’t made any movies for those fans yet. I think you have to earn the right to hold a gun. You have to earn the right to shoot web,” he added.

The 22-year-old star said he is convinced that newcomer Andrew Garfield, the new ‘Spider-Man’, is better suited for the part.

“He’s coming in as an unknown. Andrew Garfield is going to be amazing in that movie because he’s got a brand-new, fresh perspective, and to be thrown into that character so quickly, he’s going to be able to redefine that brand in a way that we’ve never seen before. It’ll be amazing. You’ve sort of seen me before,” he said.



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