Impatient Cameron Diaz ‘hates to stay in same place for too long’

Washington: Cameron Diaz has confessed that she feels impatient staying in one place and constantly needs to be on the move.

"I have living out of a suitcase and yet it``s what I do. The idea of being in one place freaks me out. Or not freaks me out, I just don``t. I``m always like, ``Ok, let``s keep movin``. I gotta tend to business.`` Know what I``m saying?" Contactmusic quoted Diaz as telling Elle magazine.

Diaz, 38, attributes the reason why she likes to be on the move, to the fact that she has learned to embrace change in life.

The ‘Charlie’s Angels’ star who “freaks out```` if she stays in the same place for too long says, "Life is not a happy ending. You never arrive at a point where nothing ever changes or happens again.”