Imran Khan does not fit my bill as the ideal guy: Sonam Kapoor

Spicezee bureau

Mumbai: They are the hottest PYTs who are cruising Bollywood’s shimmer waves with élan. While one is known for his chocolaty looks and a hot-bod which makes him a gay-icon for many, the other is known not only for her latent talent in acting but also in shooting from the hip - she once called Aishwarya an aunty and had to later eat her words. Looks like she has done it again- Sonam Kapoor has said that Imran Khan does not fit her description of an ideal guy.

Imran and Sonam are starring opposite each other in the much anticipated Dharma Productions flick ‘I Hate Luv Stories’.

Though she admits to having got along like a house on fire with Imran, though on screen they’re constantly pulling each other’s legs. “I personally like guys who have a great sense of humour, are well brought up, and have a good body. I like the concept of tall, dark and handsome. Imran may not fit the bill in every sense, however, we have great screen chemistry,” she said.

“He is a super talented actor and kept me on my toes as an actress.’’ She quickly added.

What else, Sonam went on to confess that she is the biggest much queen on the B-block what with ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ being her favourite film which she can watch 20 times more! She said she has a voracious appetite for love stories. And with her upcoming release ‘I Hate Luv Stories’, the petite actress looks all super excited.

“It’s a fabulous film,’’ she says. “And, it has me playing me. I’m playing Simran who advocates love stories, whereas Imran is Jay, and he’s a cynic. Of course, everyone knows that opposites attract and that is what happens in our case.’’

Going all head over heels about love stories and being a part of an all-out romantic flick in IHLS, Sonam says, “I loved working with Karan Johar. He is one guy who treats me like an individual. He knows my dad, Anil Kapoor, but when he approached me to play the lead in his film, he spoke to me like an independent person who makes her own decisions.’’

Dharma Productions, says Sonam, spoils its actors. “I was pampered by everyone from director Punit to Karan,’’ she smiles.

Suggesting IHLS to everyone who believes in love, Sonam says, “The nice thing about love stories is that they bring a smile to your face.’’ She’s excited Aisha — her release after IHLS, is also a romantic film. “Yet they are so different in their approach. I don’t want to give away too much,’’ she says, “but I can tell you that as an actor, both have been equally challenging. And for the audience, both will be equally entertaining.’’