Imran wants to party with friends in Las Vegas

Mumbai: Imran Khan, who shot in Las Vegas with Kareena Kapoor for `Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu`, wants to go back to the city to chill out with his friends.

"I am coaxing all my friends to take off for a week and head to Las Vegas. I really had a blast shooting `Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu` with Kareena and Shakun (Batra) in Las Vegas. We were shooting around this time last year and the place had a fantastic feel and vibe to it," said Imran in a press statement.

The actors shot in Las Vegas for the romantic comedy for 30 days, says a source. And since Imran likes to explore the city he is shooting in, he started visiting places beyond the regular tourist hangout joints.

After the shoot, he even stayed back for a week to enjoy the city as a tourist.


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