India is great but..., says Paris Hilton

Mumbai: Socialite Paris Hilton flew out of Mumbai early Tuesday saying she had an "eye opening" trip to "beautiful" India but was appalled by its poverty.

"India is beautiful but some parts are very poverty stricken... broke my heart to see babies sleeping on the streets. What are the most credible non-profit (charities) in India? After seeing what I`ve seen, I want to help make a difference," Paris tweeted before leaving the country.

The heiress, who was here on a three-day trip to launch her line of handbags for the Indian market, stunned a beggar here by tipping her $100.

The 31-year-old promptly received suggestions about a few charities in India from readers.

"Thank you all for your suggestions... It`s important to give to those who are less fortunate," she added.

The blonde beauty is headed to Dubai. But she hopes to come back to India, which she earlier said was a "magical and spiritual" land.

"What an amazing and eye opening trip to India. I look forward to coming back soon. Love you all!" she tweeted.


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