Indian-born actress Freida Pinto to take a DNA test

London: Freido Pinto is keen to take a DNA test to determine her family history.

The 26-year-old who rose to international fame in 2008`s `Slumdog Millionaire` says she is constantly mistaken for other ethnicities while travelling internationally, reported Daily Star.

"The Portuguese people love to claim me as one of their own, and I don`t like that! When I was in Istanbul for vacation recently, this large group of women came up to me... saying, `Did you know your last name is actually very Portuguese?`," Pinto said.

The actress is eager to put the issue to rest by taking a lineage test to learn about her actual ancestral

"I also came from Mangalore, which is in the southern part of India, where you have a big Catholic population. Some of them were forced conversions by the British and Portuguese.

So I may not necessarily have that kind of lineage. I could pretty much be a Hindu from India... I`m going to do the DNA testing because I`m very curious," she said.