Indian origin model victim of racial slur at the hands of Oz

New Delhi: Racism raised its ugly face yet again in Australia in the form of colour discrimination faced by British model of Indian origin, Kema Rajandran.

According to a daily’s report, Kema Rajandran was told by a national modelling agency that her "non-Caucasian heritage" would make it difficult for her to land work in Perth.

Report states that Ms Rajandran sent her photos to Chadwick Model Agency on Monday. The response, in an email, stunned her. "We think you are very photogenic and would be suitable for our Casting Division," the email said.

"Please note however that as you are of non-Caucasian heritage that your work opportunities in Perth would be extremely [sic] limited."

Sources confirm that Ms Rajandran has said she wants to go public with her story to prevent further discrimination against minorities.

The modelling agency however claims that its response is being misinterpreted. "This is just ridiculous. I don`t see that this is race related," Tanya Muia said to the media.

"If we don`t feel that she`s going to secure work in the Perth market...then we tell [her] about it...we have the liberty to give an honest opinion."

Kema Rajandran has worked in the past as a model in the United Kingdom.

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