Irrfan Khan opens up about working with Ang Lee

Dubai: Irrfan Khan, who was recently in Chennai to promote his film ‘Life of Pi’ to Indian journalists at Sathyam Cinemas, has opened up about working with acclaimed director Ang Lee.

“It was exactly like the film. He was in the middle of the sea and we all dived into it, each trying to swim and Ang saying, ‘No not this way’,” the Gulf News quoted him as saying.

“Then you try to come up and do things. It has been a great experience, a testing experience for me, not just an association of few days, but years.

“When I was first offered the film I spent months preparing the part; we then shot the film, but we had to reshoot the scenes as the actor playing the writer in the film was replaced,” he revealed.

He also said that he was proud to be associated with this film and filming the scenes were tough.

“All the scenes were tough, even those that called for delivering a single line, he said.

“Ang wanted a particular energy and I had to work towards that. Every line became a line to relook at, and reinvent. It was not just me; everyone on the sets was working hard to achieve their own tasks.

For each one of them it was a different experience. It is not like a Hindi film where you go and have fun,” he added.


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