Irrfan turns 47: To throw party for the first time

IANS| Updated: Jan 14, 2014, 08:52 AM IST

Mumbai: Irrfan Khan, who recently turned 47, bends rules this year and is all set to throw a bash as soon as his friends are back in town.

He feels there`s a lot to celebrate this year.

"Last year was very satisfying for me. `The Lunchbox` got me trmenedous praise. The film continues to make waves in various parts of the world. I also turned producer with `The Lunchbox`. So, I`d say this birthday I feel very fulfilled," said the actor.

This chameleon actor doesn`t believe in birthdays. One reason for his apathy to his special day is the fact that the internet for a very long time gave out the wrong date for his birthday.

"I`d get calls on the wrong day. That was very annoying. That doesn`t mean I`m against birthday celebrations. In fact, I am going to have a party for the first time this year for my birthday. I am waiting for my friends from abroad to arrive," said Irrfan.

His birthday was on Jan 7 and he was on the sets of Nishikant Kamath`s new film.

Said Irrfan: "I was working on my birthday. To me, that’s the best way to celebrate. For years, I waited for the right roles. Now when they’re coming to me, I feel privileged, blessed, relieved and liberated."

"In the evening on my birthday, I went to the Screen Awards’ nomination party where I was nominated for the best actor for `The Lunchbox`. That to me, was the best birthday gift possible.”

One wonders how Irrfan manages to look 40 at 47!

And he laughed and said: “I do look after myself. But not in an obsessive way. I workout, but in my own way. I follow the regime that my body demands and not what the physical trainer thinks my body requires. Besides that, I think I am getting to do the work that I want. Inner contentment always reflects on your face and body.”