Is Amar Singh missing the Bachchans?

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Jailed politico Amar Singh, who not so long ago was a staunch Big B supporter, has been completely ignored by the Bachchan family. Once a ‘chota bhai,’ Amar Singh used to sit right next to the Bachchans at prominent award shows only to be snubbed at a time when the politician faces a crisis of a lifetime.

The Bachchans who tweet frequently and the penchant of Big B blogging about every important event have sidelined Aamar Singh’s arrest all together.

And the reason being cited was the bitter spat of Amar Singh with Jaya Bachchan over her insistence on keeping her Rajya Sabha seat. It was being said that in this decision of Jaya, there was the support of Aishwarya.

Amar Singh, who for years hovered around the family with Hanuman-like devotion, felt betrayed by Jaya’s action and went out loud screaming about the disloyalty of the Bachchans. It was then, when Big B retreated into dignified silence and vowed never to speak anything about Amar Singh in public or in private.