Is Johnny Depp ready to quit acting?

London: Johnny Depp has revealed that he is "not too far away" from quitting acting.

During an interview with BBC, the 50-year-old Hollywood actor said that he feels he has overworked in recent years and wants to slow down now, the Mirror reported.

He said that following decades devoted to films like the `Pirates of the Carribbean` and its sequels and Tim Burton hits like `Sweeney Todd` and `Alice In Wonderland`, he is looking forward to do some quieter things.

Depp cleared that he is not dropping out any second but quitting cinema is "not too far away."

When asked if he would retire before a rumoured Alice In Wonderland 2 movie and a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film, Depp, who has for the first time directly admitted that his acting days are coming to an end, laughed saying that his retirement still has some time.

He was speaking whilst promoting `The Lone Ranger`, a remake of the classic adventure with Depp as Native American spirit warrior Tonto and Armie Hammer in the title role.