Is pregnant Aishwarya a victim of prejudice?

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Aishwarya Rai’s pregnancy has become a hot potato in Bollywood. Should actresses be ousted from a developing project for being pregnant? Well, news of Ash being chucked off from Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Heroine’ does raise an issue.

According to sources, Madhur planned to wrap up the film by the end of July and knowing that Aishwarya gave the required dates to the project. Now, it has emerged that Madhur wants some more time as there are couple of new additions that he wants to make in the film.

In regards to this, questions are being raised whether it’s Ash’s pregnancy that has lead filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar raising issues with the film.

Ash, as a matter of fact is rather shocked by the director`s sudden new and bizarre conditions. Sources confirm that Madhur now wants to extend the schedule from 2 months to 6 months (which would definitely make it impossible for Aishwarya to continue). Besides that, two item songs have been included and if that was not enough, it has been known that Ash is required to do a bathing scene under a waterfall (which she has never done in her entire career). There is also talk of the lead actress supposed to smoke on-screen!

Talking to a daily, a source close to Madhur revealed that he was miffed with Ash for not confiding her ‘status’ well in advance. “Madhur had noticed that Ash was gaining weight. He obviously didn’t associate it with motherhood. If she had told him earlier, he would have worked his way around the problem. Now UTV and Madhur stand to lose around Rs 6 crore if the film is shelved”, said the source.

Meanwhile, UTV releasing a statement later said, “At this point nothing is more important than Aishwarya’s well being. We have all mutually agreed that the best step would be to avoid shooting further, rather than proceeding with an incredibly demanding schedule. Even as we will truly miss the opportunity to work with Aishwarya, the entire unit wishes her the very best.”

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