It is final! Kareena Kapoor says her wedding is ‘on’ with beau Saif!

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: With all those statements of denials and acceptances making constant round these days, we wondered if the highly anticipated Saif-Kareena wedding will really happen at all this year? Well, when a national daily nailed down ‘Heroine’ Kareena Kapoor, she could not help but confirm her marriage plans, albeit partially.

When quizzed about her impending wedding, Bebo replied, “What if we’re already married and nobody knew? I could have been married for years and not told a soul.” She further added that, “It’s sad, my marriage has become a national joke. The wedding’s on, but beyond a point, I don’t think my fans or media need to know more.”

No just that, the soon-to-be-bride expressed her angst against all those new stories erupting every other day. And this is what she said, “Other people can walk in and out of films, drop people from their lives, and nobody says anything. I do anything, and it’s all over the news channels and Twitter. It’s nice to be so important, but sometimes I feel like saying, ‘back off!”

Okay Kareena, we got the real message!