It`s daughter over work for Hollywood actress Halle Berry!

Updated: Jan 04, 2011, 08:55 AM IST

London: Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry`s focus is completely on her two-year-old daughter Nahla now, and says she could even quit her career for her sake.

"Children shift your priorities and now I have a greater purpose for being here. I love making movies but I would give it all up to be with my daughter if I had to because she`s the love of my life," Berry has been quoted as saying by a website.

The actress says she has seen a change in herself ever since she had her daughter with former boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.

"She`s made me a better person because everything I do and say, everything I want and don`t want, I think first, `Will this be best for her?` When you have children you get to see things all over again. So I`ve never laughed as hard, I`ve never done more silly things, and I go to great lengths to make her laugh. She`s awakened a childlike side of me," she added.

The 44-year-old beauty, who is currently dating singer Kylie Minogue`s ex, actor Oliver Martinez, also admitted Nahla has influenced her taste in men.

"Every choice I make now, and that includes who I choose to spend personal time with as a partner, is not just about me any more, it`s about what`s best for her."

Berry says life has never been better for her.

"I am just a girl who met a boy; a girl who liked a boy; a boy liked the girl and then that`s what happened. I`ve wanted this for so long and I feel happier than ever before. I`m happy and fulfilled and I`m in a really good space in my life. I`ve survived many highs and many lows and I think I have it all in perspective now - never get too high and never get too low."