It was a mistake talking openly about my relationship: Bipasha Basu

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: The sultry actress Bipasha Basu is all set to make a scorch the screen with her upcoming film ‘Player’, slated to be one of the first releases in 2012.

Basu has looked her dhasu best in the red bikini shot in the film. From what we have heard, she has won accolades for pulling the two piece act so well in the film.

However in her recent interview she got retrospective about how her personal life was scrutinized in this year by the media. And her failed relationship made fodder for the juicy headlines.

She feels her relationship with John ended because sometimes it is not supposed to work out, but her sharing it openly with the world lead to a disaster.

“These are fragile things, they are matters of heart. If somebody is respectful towards your relationships and you talk about it and if things do not work it goes on to media scrutiny. It’s people’s lives.

I understand why someone would say that they don’t want to talk about it. It took me a long time to understand that why people don’t want to talk about matters like these,” said the ‘Jism’ bombshell.

Having learnt her lesson Bips now swears to be very discreet about her relationships in the future.

Apparently all those times when media intervened and published things on her love life, she went through a hard time explaining it to her family. She explained, “My mother also gets to know stuff about me from the newspaper. I am also somebody’s kid ya! I also get ‘What is this. Who is this.’ I say ‘I dont mummy what they are writing’.

You think we guys are not put to task! You guys unleash my mother on me. And she is such a spy. She wasn’t a spy for all this while but suddenly she has become one.”

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