Jack Black influenced by Roger Moore

London: ‘School of Rock’ star Jack Black says he subconsciously based his acting career on former ‘James Bond’ star Roger Moore. The 42-year-old actor and Moore are both famed for quizzically raising their eyebrows during scenes in their movies, and Black said that he could have been unknowingly drawing influence from the elder star, reported a website.

"I could have been influenced subconsciously because one of my first movie going experiences was `The Spy Who Loved Me` (James Bond film starring Roger Moore). Maybe I pulled my whole persona from Roger Moore. Although no-one picks him as their favourite Bond, his stock is now rising," he said.

Black also said that he likes to impersonate actor Jack Nicholson, particularly his character Jack Torrance from classic horror movie ‘The Shining’.

"I love the old Jack Nicholson movies. He is such a good actor. I like The Shining because that is the one I end up imitating when I am alone," he added.