Jack Black lied to bag role in movie

London: Comedian Jack Black says he once tried to win a role in a movie by telling the casting director he could ride a horse, despite being clueless about how to do it.

The `Gulliver`s Travels` star divulged that he occasionally trumpeted about how good he was at a particular skill just to get a part in a film, but his lie about how well he could ride a horse failed to impress the director and in the end he failed to bag the role, Contactmusic reported.

"I might have bent the truth with regards to my skills. I think one time I said that I was an avid horseback rider, which wasn`t true," said Black

"I didn`t get the part and it`s probably good that I didn`t. My strategy would have been, Hold on tight, and, er, that`s it. No, I probably would have had a crash course in horse riding at the last second."

Discussing his new role as Lemuel Gulliver in `Gulliver`s Travels`, Jack knew immediately he wanted to take on the character when he was offered it.

"When I was first approached about it, I was like, “Yeah!” It just made sense. A bell went off in my head that this would be the kind of fun project I was looking for, something fantastical, adventurous, exciting and funny," he said.