Jada Smith is grateful of husband Will

London: Jada Pinkett Smith thanks husband Will Smith for supporting her in taking parental responsibilities.

Jada was raised in a single-parent family but she is glad to be in a stable relationship with Will with whom she has two children -- Jaden, 13, and Willow, 10.

"Thank goodness they have a father and I don`t have to raise them alone. Having been raised by a single mother I`m very clear on what the difficulties of being raised by a single mother are," contactmusic.com quoted the 39-year-old as saying.

"It`s very hard when you don`t have a male component in the home to create balance and help in the decision making. Sometimes it`s nice to be able to just pass the ball, like, `tag, you`re it, you got this one`," she added.