Jamelia stopped by ‘racist’ cops at least once a month for being black

London: Pop singer Jamelia has taken on Twitter to launch a furious attack against police for being racist towards her.

The singer, 30, claimed ‘racist’ cops quizzed her over the pricey car she was driving because she is black.

“The police make me f****** sick. The amount of times I’ve been pulled over for nothing is ridiculous - at least once a month. Racism is alive and kicking,” the Sun quoted her as tweeting.

Describing the latest incident, the ‘Superstar’ singer wrote: “I was in my car parked up. They said they have reason to believe my tax disc is counterfeit.

“When I asked them what this ‘reason’ was, they were stumped.

“They checked EVERYTHING... including tyre pressure (all legit). They went on to say they don’t see how this can be my car! They just saw a black girl in an adidas tracksuit and cap, in an expensive car,” she said.

Jamelia, who is divorced from footballer Darren Byfield, lives in Birmingham with daughters Teja, 10, and Tiani, 5.

A spokesman for her local West Mercia police force refused to comment, as it was unclear whether the incident occurred in their area.


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