James Bond is `ultimate icon` for British men

Los Angeles: Big screen spy James Bond has been voted the `Ultimate Icon` for British men in a new online poll by magazine AsKMen UK.

The movie spy most recently portrayed on the big screen by Daniel Craig topped a poll of over 7,000 British men with a huge 64 percent, beating time traveller `The Doctor` from the TV series "Doctor Who" and computer game hero `Super Mario` into second and third place respectively, reports imdb.com.

Andrew Lubega, editor of AskMen UK that compiled the survey, said: "For a number of decades now, James Bond has continued to be the ultimate symbol in cool for men worldwide and in 2010 things are no different."

"He`s cool, confident, strong, sharply-dressed and not lacking in a gag or two. And if that wasn`t enough, in between killing off the bad guys he always finds time to shack up with a variety of gorgeous women," he added.

Survey participants were asked which fictional character they would like to be as part of the lifestyle website`s Great Male survey.

AsKMen UK`s Ultimate Icon list for British men:

1. James Bond

2. The Doctor (from `Doctor Who`)

3. Super Mario

4. Don Draper (from `Mad Men`)

5. Kick-Ass (from `Kick-Ass`)