James Cameron’s Martian dreams

Wellington: James Cameron has been working in collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) since April, helping scientists build a 3D camera for Mars.

The director says that in the future he would like to expand on his expertise and help send people to the planet.

"I`ve been thinking about the issues of sending human beings to Mars for a long time," Stuffco.nz quoted him as saying during a press day for the re-release of Avatar.

The director says that although he is enthusiastic about sending ordinary people into space, he worries the public aren`t interested in exploring the planets enough.

He believes that to warrant spending the huge amounts of money necessary for such a mission, there needs to be a greater public interest, although he has already begun thinking about who could fund the project.

"The public has to want it - that`s number one - because it has to be paid for. I think commercial, new, lean enterprises like [PayPal co-founder] Elon Musk`s company SpaceX, which is going to be creating human transportation to the space station. They`re a good candidate to build the systems that could get us to Mars, for example," he added.