James Franco learned to ‘collaborate’ on film sets

Washington: James Franco has revealed that he has learned the importance of collaboration while working for a film.

The 33-year-old star has learned to work with others to make sure that he always gets the best out of himself.

“I have learned to collaborate from my experience in the film world. As an actor, one is always collaborating-acting in film is a collaborative exercise,” Contactmusic quoted him as telling Flaunt magazine.

“When I started directing and writing my own films, I found that I was lazy when I was writing material based on my own experiences, but when I adapted a previous work (a novel, or a poem, or a biography), I would feel such a great sense of responsibility that I would work 10 times as hard as I usually would,” he said.

The ‘Milk’ actor also revealed that he tries hard not to have an “ego” issue about his work, and tries to make it the best by teaming up with someone more experienced.

“I try not to have an ego about the work. I try to make it the best that I can, and if that means working with someone more experienced and not getting full credit for the final product, that is fine with me.

“I also like to collaborate with people that are less experienced than I am, because they are usually eager and have tons of energy. That is why I teach as well,” he added.


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