James Franco makes cheeky video for fans

London: Actor James Franco has recorded a cheeky video message with his grandmother for his fans who he believes are too scared to watch his new thriller "127 Hours".

The film is a true story of mountain climber Aron Rolston, who was forced to cut off his arm after he was trapped by a boulder for five days in a canyon in Utah.

The gruesome scene in which he severs off his limb has left many cinemagoers scared, reports a website.

Speaking to his grandmother in the video message, Franco said: "There are some people that hear about this movie and they`re a little scared to see it. I was wondering if you could tell everybody what you thought of those people."

She then turns to the camera and shouts very loudly: "I think they`re a bunch of p*****s!"

After collapsing into a fit of giggles at his grandmother`s comments, the actor then wishes his fans a merry Christmas.


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