Jane Seymour "beyond embarrassed" over Arnie`s more love kids jibe

London: Former Bond Girl Jane Seymour has apologized for speaking about Arnold Schwarzenegger`s cheating ways.

Seymour said she is "beyond sorry and appalled" that she spoke out about the actor.

She made headlines last week when she said she was "not surprised" at Schwarzenegger`s scandal, adding: "I heard about two more children."
But Seymour, 60, openly spoke of how mortified she felt over her comments and now insists she was merely repeating gossip she heard on the news.

"I``m just so beyond sorry and appalled that I found myself even talking on the subject at all," the Daily Mail quoted her as telling on the US TV`s `The View`.

"I do not know anything about love children - anything I said was stupidly listening to some stuff in the media that day, everyone was talking. I don`t even know where I heard it," she added.

"I don`t know anything about anything," she said.

Insisting that she only spoke out as she was asked questions at the première of her new movie, she added that she was "beyond embarrassed" at how her comments were presented.

"I just feel so, so badly for Maria and the children because I`ve been through similar stuff,`` she added, referring to her painful break-up with ex-husband David Flynn that she said left her with "pain so deep that i felt I was going to fall down a dark tunnel of depression that i was never going to get out."

Of Schwarzenegger`s wife Maria Shriver and their children, Seymour added: "I just hope they accept my apology and realize that I do not want to in any way exacerbate the pain that that family is going through."


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