Jennifer Aniston, Jon Stewart talk of their awkward first date

Updated: Aug 21, 2010, 16:27 PM IST

Washington: Actress Jennifer Aniston and talk show host Jon Stewart recently talked about their awkward first date.

Aniston, 41, appeared on The Daily Show with Stewart, 47, and they talked about a romantic Italian meal in New York City that took place more than a decade ago.

“I asked you out. And it was lovely. I remember you brought so many of your friends,” People magazine quoted him as saying.

“And I remember thinking, ‘She’s so excited to be on a date with me, she wants me to get to know her posse’,” he stated.

But the former ‘Friends’ star had a different version about the evening.

“If I remember correctly, wasn’t it sort of like, ‘Hey, a group of us are going out, do you want to join?’” she asked.